Super! Thanks For Asking is a high energy Rock/Pop cover band playing 90's, 00's, and Top-100, specializing in guilty pleasures and songs you love.  The band was started by Keenan and Eric who played together in another local cover band. We're available for gigs in MD, DC, and VA, as well as private events. We guarantee a high energy show with top notch sound, lights, and entertainment.

" guys were great last night. Good crowd too. Look forward to working with you guys again."  - Owner, The Barking Dog (Bethesda, MD)

Kayleigh - Vocals

Kayleigh has been singing for as long as she can remember. She often gave concerts for her Barbie dolls when she was a little girl. If your hairbrush was missing, it was probably being used as a microphone. Her taste in music is very eclectic, living by the principle of "If I hear it & like it, it's going in my music collection." Kayleigh has performed in local community theater productions, plays the flute, and is slowly teaching herself the guitar. She sure has come a long way from singing out her bedroom window!

Eric - Guitar

Eric began his music career as a complete nerd, learning only the finest instruments, piano, sax, etc. Guitars were around the house, but never of great interest.  The real corruption began at age 13 with the first electric guitar.  XX number of years later, guitar and live sound are all he knows.  Playing everything from Blues and Funk to Punk and Metal, he's got a little bit of everything. Eric has experience playing with different cover bands in the area, and oddly enough is also a classically trained baritone singer. Eric is also our resident sound guy; managing our top notch sound gear and keeping us loud and clear!

Keenan - Guitar

Keenan was born at an early age in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. One day when he was 14 or 15, he decided to learn to play guitar, cuz trumpet just wasn't cutting it anymore. After taking lessons for a year or so, he realized that Rush and AC/DC songs were a lot more fun to play than whatever was in those boring lesson books. After relocating to the DC area, he found some like-minded folks, and they started a band, and learned all kinds of good music. They're pretty awesome. You should totally come check them out, and buy Keenan a beer!


Randy - Bass

Randy came to us having 15+ years of experience playing live.  Most notably, 5 years with The Freddie Long Band.  More coming soon...

Doug - Drums

Doug is the newest member of STFA.  He comes to us with experience ranging from classical rock to 80s metal.  More coming soon...